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More developments for the Lucy Series by Christina Pages

Now that my first novel has received five awards, I have been inspired to work on the sequel - "The Woodland Adventures of Lucy and Will." It is now complete and sitting by my window to receive a little more light for the editing over the last few months. When I'm satisfied with it, I'll start the paintings which will be interspersed in bright colors throughout. I had thirteen paintings in the first book, perhaps I will have a few more in the second.

I decided to include Will in the title of my second book because he is her kindred spirit and young "teacher" of the world she knows little about. As such, he plays a crucial role in Lucy's development. Besides, although he is only twelve, I am a little in love with him myself! He is what we call an 'old soul,' born with an enormous amount of wisdom and compassion. That sounds a little too proud since I'm the one who created him, and I'm often not that wise. But who knows from what source these characters come?

The sequel is full of adventures and perhaps slightly less introspective than "Lucy in Her Secret Wood," because Lucy is not alone with nature as frequently in this story.

August 4, 2017

A lot has happened in the last few months. Lucy in her Secret Wood has now won one of the most prestigious literary awards -- The Eloquent Quill Award given only once by Literary Classics to a book in the Youth Fiction category! Children's Literary Classics have also given this novel the Gold Award. I am beyond thrilled and will be attending the Award Ceremony and Gabfest in Rapid City, South Dakota Labor Day weekend. I am obviously hoping that these last two awards will boost the sales. But it's not about money for me. I simply want to get Lucy's story, and her magic connection to nature, out into the minds and hearts of young people. I am seeing such a disconnect from the natural world because of our obsession with screens. Why are the sights, events, messages, games, behind screens so much more interesting that all the amazing beauty, and the workings of our planet immediately surrounding us? Lucy has been submerged in nature, after being imprisoned for years inside walls, and when she at last is exposed to all the miracles of the outdoors, she never wants to go back to living inside a house. I wish this for our young people, that once they have fully experienced nature's beauty, what is happening behind a screen is secondary to their happiness.

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