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The Woodland Adventures of Lucy and Will


This "wonder" of a book, sequel to Lucy in Her Secret Wood, takes us by the hand as we follow Lucy and her "forever" friend Will from the forest world into the outside one.  With her magic flute playing "the language" of all of nature, Lucy discovers friendship and love which transforms her and all those she touches. Pages is a poetic storyteller who casts a spell over each adventure.  We can hardly wait for Book 3."

Perie Longo, Santa Barbara Poet Laureate en merita. Author of The Privacy of Wind, and With Nothing behind but Sky.

"Christina Pages is both an inspirational storyteller and a poet.  Her lyric view of the world embraces nature as both embroidered landscape and sanctuary.  City-dwelling children are often detached from nature, welded down and bolted to an electronic cyber world devoid of earthly senses. But in Lucy's realm, nature's wisdom is inherent in all living things, and where children can discover their sense of wonder.  You will eagerly follow each page in the world of Lucy's imagination and the bonfire of her dreams." Lois P. Jones, Author of Night Ladder.

"The rare sequel that improves upon its predecessor!  Fans of Lucy's first adventure will undoubtedly cherish this new installment, as Christina Pages continues to explore the unique and magical world she has created."

Mark Bomback, Screen Writer:  Race to Witch Mountain, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes.

At a time when far too many children grow up in technological immersion, Lucy and Will travel through their formative years with nature as their touchstone -- even as the drama and suspense in Book 2 assails them.  These characters engage us." 

Charlene Spretnak, Author of Relational Reality, Co- Founder of the U.S. Green Party Movement Reality.

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